Shared Office Space For Rent

Are you an entrepreneur or freelancer lusting for a change in your work environment? Is working from home killing your productivity? You’ve tried camping out at hipster cafes, but it isn’t exactly ideal as those cups of coffee are burning a hole in your pocket. Besides, you wish you could be more connected to the professional community. Having like-minded individuals to build business networks with or bounce off ideas with would help drive your business towards new opportunities and innovations.

We have the perfect solution for you. Say goodbye to procrastination and check into our shared office space! Housed in a quaint shophouse along Yan Kit Road, our co-sharing office comes with sleek, minimalist décor and lots of natural light. Whether you are working individually or in a team, we have ample space for everyone, ranging from hot desking and dedicated desks to private office spaces. Our custom-designed areas cater to all sorts of working needs. We have a communal area for collaboration, a quiet resting area for recharging and even private offices for company meetings.

Our shared office space comes fully-equipped with all the facilities you’ll need to feel comfortable and remain productive. It’s a home away from home, minus the distractions. We provide a well-stocked pantry with coffee and tea making facilities, lockers, super fast Wi-Fi, a shared printer and scanner, and even a gaming area!

Benefits of renting a shared office space in Singapore

Flexible Rates

Renting a commercial office space in Singapore comes with a significant amount of baggage for a small business. Are you prepared to pay utility bills, signed a fixed-term list or install infrastructure? Co-sharing an office space will not only take care of that but also let you rent the site on much more flexible terms.

Networking through Co sharing

Being surrounded by other individuals aligned to your field of work gives you the opportunity to network and find solutions to business problems. This way, you can find new business contacts such as suppliers, business contacts and potential clients. Perhaps you need a graphic designer to help with the images on your website. He might just be a few desks away from you in your co-sharing space!

Avoid Loneliness

Working alone as a struggling entrepreneur can be mentally and emotionally draining. Working in a sharing space and being surrounded by other like-minded professionals will create a sense of community and increase the interaction you have with others throughout the day.

Professional Business Address

Co sharing spaces allow you to use a professional address for your business. Furthermore, as our site is located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, your business can benefit from the prestige that comes from having a CBD address.