Singapore’s Best Coworking Space – Cheapest in Tanjong Pagar

You’re an entrepreneur or freelancer working on an amazing business idea, an ingenious creative project or an exciting manuscript. However, something is crippling your creativity. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get your creative juices flowing. Could your physical environment be stifling your productivity?

While working from the cosy confines of your home in your PJs sounds ideal, staying in work-mode might be tough if you find it hard to set proper boundaries. Hit a mental block? Suddenly that stack of laundry that has been accumulating can’t wait another day. Drafting a business proposal? Reorganising the storeroom never sounded so exciting.  Before you know it, a whole day has gone by and you’ve achieved nothing work-wise. But hey, you’ve completed a whole lot of housework!

You’ve tried café hopping but those cups of coffee you are buying in exchange for your work table don’t come cheap. Also, you’ve been ordering way too many desserts – mostly to fend off the hostile glances the café staff shoot you after you’ve been nursing the same cup of coffee for the past 5 hours. You think you might be putting on some weight.

As a last resort, you’ve even tried renting a commercial office space. But with your shoestring budget, you could only afford the cheapest space in a location that is far from the best.  Sitting in your tiny office, you can’t help but feel uninspired when facing the same four walls every day.

Enter coworking spaces. A style of work involving a shared workplace by self-employed individuals/people working for different employers, coworking gives you the benefits of a full-time office, just that you only pay for what you use. Its open concept and clientele of like-minded people provide you with a collaborative platform to learn and share ideas with individuals and businesses.

Set in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, our coworking space provides you with a supportive space to build your network and business.

Our quaint coworking space occupies the second floor of a shophouse along Yan Kit Road, Singapore. Surrounded by lush greenery in tranquil surroundings, it is a serene oasis in the middle of the city. Designed to give you a quiet place to concentrate away from home, our space is filled with potted plants, comfortable chairs and lots of natural light.

Our facilities include:

  • Flexi or fixed desks which can be rented by the hour or month – you only pay for what you need
  • Fully stocked pantry with a sink, and coffee and tea making facilities
  • High-speed secure wifi – you don’t have to worry about sharing your information online
  • Brand new toilet facilities
  • Professional address to show your clients

Nearby amenities include:

Duxton Plains Park:

Need to clear your mind? Go for a stroll and enjoy the greenery nearby at Duxton Plains Park. A meandering green path flanked by shophouses, it connects Tanjong Pagar to the Outram area.

A variety of eateries to suit all budgets:

Feeling hungry? You will be spoilt for choice here. Visit one of the chic restaurants along the stretch of quaint shophouses if you are feeling fancy. Or walk down to Tanjong Pagar Road for your Korean BBQ, Korean fried chicken or army stew fix at “Little Korea”. On a tight budget? There are many eateries and hawker centres nearby for those who want to eat cheap. Watching your weight? There are no lack of salad bars in this area – all within walking distance.

Getting Here

By MRT: We are a 3 minute walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT and Outram Park MRT

By Bus: 61, 75, 80, 145, 167, 196